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Unless you have a huge budget theirs not so much need in good pres for stuff like toms. I'd try to get about 4 good pres.... maybe a vintech 1272 and a pair of the FMR ones that are supposedly really close to coming out. This would all cost around 2 grand, but would end up being way more worthwhile then that behringer mixer.
One thing that I've found is buying cheap gear is the biggest waste of money when you know their's other stuff you want more. Right now I have a pile of gear thats about to go out on ebay because of that. Instead of getting great deals on the stuff, ive replaced it all and now im loosing a ton of money on trying to resell it. Anyone want to buy a mackie 1202 vlz... dbx 386 stereo pre with digital outs, a dbx 166, a shure beta 52, a mxl 67 and some other various mics? Even if i get good prices for the stuff, it would have been way cheaper to just buy good stuff from the get go. take care.