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Can someone say how many independent physical outputs the monitor 8 has?
Looks like 8 stereo to me.

A-F can be connected to 2 sets of headphone each and they have a balanced output (typically for stage monitors or a console I guess) = 12 mono outputs / 6 stereo

Main stereo + Aux stereo balanced = 4 mono outputs / 2 stereo

I just got a 1248 in yesterday. Build quality looks ok; not quite as sturdy as the Ensemble TB, which I decided to return. The screen is maybe not quite as cool as it looks in the pictures; the wording kind of blurs as you scroll through the parameters, but its great being able to monitor every I/O channel, which you can't do with the Ens TB, only ever the analog I/O. Haven't tested the audio yet against my Shadow Hills / Lavry Blue inputs.