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Cool what about ideas?!
Here are some general thoughts:

1) To truly start any sort of venture, you need to start with research. There are a ton of assumptions in the OP and many that I don't think are particularly realistic. You need to survey the existing landscape; for all we know there are one or more attempts to start exactly what you describe. You need to see what is already out there.

2) The focus is almost entirely on the artists and not so much on the consumers. Building a service without the consumer in mind is generally not a great idea. Ultimately you need the consumer to make this work, so you need to figure out what they want. There is always room for competition of existing services; but invariably to be successful, the new services need to do better or different than the old services. Can you build a streaming service that is better than Spotify or Pandora or Rhapsody, etc?

3) If the focus is on artist compensation, I'm not sure if inventing a new streaming service is even the approach to take. The basic idea is to increase the bargaining power of the rights holders so that they can get compensation they desire. In a way, you're almost talking a unionization approach. So perhaps the focus should be on a business administration/negotiation approach, whereby the focus is on working with artists to navigate the current digital landscape and determine how they can make optimal returns for their product?