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Old 9th December 2014
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Mic distortion from lunchbox

Today I was getting an intermittent, almost digital sounding distortion in my mic (MA201 fet). It seemed to be related to volume, but I couldn't be sure. It didn't sound like the mic was overloading, but more like it was glitching, if that makes any sense.

I have a Radial sixpack, all six slots of which are filled. Preamp is a TG2 500. I did a power cycle, swapped mic cables, tried a different mic -- the distortion "glitches" remained.

Finally, I turned the power off again, straightened out and reinserted some of the TRS cables in back (Mogami), and turned it all back on.

This seems to have fixed it. But why?

It was either the lunchbox or the TG2 causing the problem.

Is it possible the TRS cable was picking up interference from other cables? Or could a loose connector cause this problem, hence reinserting the cable solved it?

Could this be a symptom of the module not receiving enough power? My apartment building sometimes has brownouts.

Any ideas?