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I think I have to agree with you, Roundbadge! my fairly decent sized console has it up the top and I hate to just even get up and turn it up/down so having it in the rack may be a tad annoying.
What are your thoughts on the Antelope's new piece? The fact that it has a software that controls the unit. Do you think that's a great alternative to having a physical hands on controller that takes up a little 'arm rest' space?
Finally, if you had a choice between the 'remote' options, where would you put the money on? If Grace, would you go for the new analog only piece of 905?
I need physical knobs and buttons up on the console.
mixing is a fluid thing.switching between a couple pairs of monitors and a ghetto blaster,reference mixes,previous mixes for recall or beating.
the more stuff you touch in front in the sweet spot,the less reaching around and fiddling,the better ime.
how do you control it?
on a computer screen or an ipad.? ipad app might work ok.
otherwise a computer screen interface with a mouse wouldn't work for my mix workflow all.
already using that for slow tools.
I'm sure the Grace w/ hardwired remote sounds great but I'd get the SH w/ the wireless remote unit.
just checked-its currently on sale.same price as the others?
trust me recently I've been tempted to dump the Avocet.
its nice to flip sources/monitors from another spot in the room or down the hall,another room but that's just me.
yes it sounds amazing.
FYI Peter was making custom monitor switchers years ago before he made any compressors.
he knows wussup..