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hi. I want to re-calibrate my board to make it 100% again.
How do I do this?? Are there any internal pots in the master section?? Would like all info to calibrate channels aux's and master section.
I have a complete bay wired to use when needed.
I'm also looking for a new EMT140S, and any studer or ampex 1" 8 track

Do you have a handbook? There are a lot of pots and I doubt many need any adjustment.

Yes, if you lift up the monitor panel there are many pots, all in clearly marked sections of the circuit board.

But you need an accurate signal source and an accurate system of measuring level.

Being old school, I don't trust meters on work stations whose calibration points are referenced to the clipping point of the converter and not the 0dBu/0.775 volts those consoles were calibrated to.