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Old 22nd November 2014
Here for the gear
I have a BLA modified motu 2408 mkII and a multiple stocks. There are only very subtle differences. I own multiple pieces of BLA modified gear including a 24i. I have to say that the motu 2408 mod is the least impressive of all BLA modified gear that I have used and pales in comparison to the 24i specifically. I spoke with a tech at BLA about this specifically and he said that there are multiple reasons why one modded interface version may be different then others. He said that it essentially comes down to what is in the box to work with. And in this case, the motu 2408 mkII mod does not yield the results that most BLA modifications do. Sad but true. And again, in my experience, this is a rare anomaly in that most BLA mods make me weep with joy.