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Old 21st November 2014
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The 12x8" tom was not all that rare of a size. I know Premier made standard size toms in the later years of the Signia. I think it was just the first year when they had "power tom" sizes only. To my knowledge, the only 12" sizes they ever made were a 12x10" power tom and a 12x8" standard tom. Most likely the guy saying he had a 12x9" wasn't measuring right. See this website for more details: DRUMARCHIVE.COM. The sign first appears in the catalog named "Rebound 2," where only power tom sizes are available. By "Rebound 3" and "Rebound 4," they are offering standard tom sizes.

I have a 12x8" in topaz, but am not looking to sell unfortunately.

I AM looking to trade a Signia 10x9" in topaz for the standard sized 10x8" in topaz, to match the rest of my kit. I would also straight up buy a 10x8" in topaz.