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Old 15th November 2014
Here for the gear

I wouldn't recommend it. Seamed nice at first so I bought it. But then one of Your plug-ins gets updated or removed, now You've got trouble.
There are messed up folders in Ableton Live's browser. It keeps messing up my presets in Logic X with alias folders making everything show up twice.
Some of my Plug-ins remain modified even though I restored to Pre-Auganizer state.

I've tried uninstalling with App Cleaner, searching with better search for receipts, backups and hidden folders.
And even though I have deleted everything named Augnizer or aurora it's still messed up. I installed Auganizer again to try and fix it, but now it's really confused.
Wish I never installed it... It took me some time to reinstall the messed up Plug-ins and delete all folders and aliases but now it's back to normal.

They need to implement a more complete handling of Plug-ins, like an update manager and an uninstaller.
Then I might try it again.