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Old 12th November 2014
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I need advice on lyrics/vocals for an EDM song I'm producing

I wrote these lyrics with my producer friend a few days ago, and we were quite happy with them. We recorded lyrics with a vocalist the next day, then I went back to my place, dropped them in and added some effects, but I feel like they can be better. I think the lyrics need to be reworked so she has more to work with, because right now, the melody and rhythm of the vocals are repetitive. Any criticism you guys can think of I'm all ears. Thanks!

Link to song (starts where lyrics come in)

Their eyes their words
Their heart the smiles
You could feel it for miles

They sang with me
They stayed all night
…generational fight

Their style their mind
They’re one of a kind
It’s a passage of time

We are all so confined
It’s time to unwind