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The Sytek is not even on the same playing field as the 2022. They are at completely different price points (not even close) with different feature sets, etc... The 2022 is the only piece of gear I like that Avalon puts out. The build quality is very high end and it is a wonderfully clear yet robust preamp. I had one for many years but eventually realized there are many more options for less money out there that are just as good so it went bye bye for something else. That being said, there is nothing wrong or bad about the Sytek pres. They are still better than a lot of the fancy badged junk that's on the market right now.

It is tough to judge what upgrades would matter most / make an appreciable difference with other peoples setups. Like Seamus said, the pre's you have will work and not be a big hinderance with tracking. Be aware that dumping big money into a new front end piece will not make an earth shattering difference without the other front end gear being at the level to support it. Without knowing anything else about your front end, your money may be more wisely spent on something else...?