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Old 5th November 2014
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I'm using a 2i2 with the latest drivers. Love this little unit. HOWEVER! It took a little fiddling (remember: drivers, drivers, drivers with this one! Previous ones were.... yeah, they were bad. Latest drivers appear ROCK solid).

I've left it plugged in to my Win7-64 rig for well over 3 weeks now with no reboot, and I'm still whipping off perfect-sounding auditions. My next step is to make it work with a little Linux box. It doesn't wanna play nice with Mint 8 right out of the box, but that's a bit antiquated. I'm going to see what it'll do under Mint 12 Olivia. Someone left a thread on it... I think HERE: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 working flawlessly on Ubuntu with JACK | dragly

Either way, I've found it to be a charming and useful little box.

Side Note: We work with cross-platformers here, and because we get Linux, Mac AND PC, we tend to use Audacity so we can swap exported EQ files easily. I haven't used this with much other software besides, but at a device-to-system-to-driver-to-software level, it's solid here.
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