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Here for the gear

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I have a focusrite scarlette 2i2 running on windows xp, I'v read others have had the same issues when playing youtube videos etc after a while the sound slows right down and stutters, so I have to switch interface on and off, it's really annoying. Does anyone have a link to the latest driver and also how I go about installing it?? Much appreciated any help!!!
I've was forced to make an account, because I realy need help.The only one who mentioned the same problem as mine is Fearn.
So far no one gave the answer, not even felles from Focusrite.
I've tried to search trought google, but it was in vain.
When my PC is in Sleep mode, and than I turn it on, the sound is dead distorded,
and videos on youtube are in slow mo.
I've tried reinstalling drivers but it was also in vain.
I even tried reinstalling drivers, that moment when I turned on the pc from sleep mode and it didnt work.I have to switch off my monitors first, and then unplug the usb and put it back in.And it works normaly.I am so close to get frustrated.Its almost brand new, i've boath it 2 months ago.
Im using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.