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Old 17th December 2003
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got the dragster today, & only had an hour to muck around, but i'll have some more time tomorrow to have a proper play (& give it the strat test!). i played the sg today, & played around with patching pedals in various orders, when i noticed an EXTREMELY AMAZING thing. there was NO NOISE!! the sound was MUCH better defined. & this was with my fmr really nice compressor patched in (it's a -10 unbalanced box, meant for a console insert!), & everything was playing really nice with each other. no more howling or hum from various things like hi gain & a wah pedal. i don't think it intervenes with a buffer driving your cables through pedals; it just corrects the loading so that you essentially get to dial back in the tone you get when the guitar's plugged directly into an amp's input. it's bloody magical! it really works. and it's SO bloody cheap! i can't wait to get back to it & explore it's potential!