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In a sense yes, but the 8900 is much more transparent.
Dude it sounds different, nothing sounds like the GML, obviously, duh?
it is a home brew concoction. Im just saying, I would reach for the Crane Song, and have a lovely day. It might not be as transparent as the GML, but that doesn't matter to me. Woo fk/n Hoo.
as far as dynamics shaping goes, its very clean and surgical. I can mold the sound like clay. Hit the side-chain insert to control it more,

It is a Clean Dual Channel Compressor , Like the GML,
so in that sense....where a GML 8900 is not available or broken or whatever is now unobtainable
and if I wanted to paint with a compressor and not a distortion, I would reach for the Crane Song.

Is the sense of which it makes?

I just finished looking around for some info on the Crane Song and really didn't find much.

Not really sure why you can't find info. This thing has been around a long time.