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Only 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I expected much better from Galaxy, and if I'm honest the demos below didn't do much for me either. It's not an issue of demos not translating because it was a similar demo which sold me on Vintage D, which is my go-to sample as well. It's an outstanding piano VI.
Not sure about the basic tone either but I think a big plus is the option to shape the sound quite drastically into different moods as shown in the vids.

Elambo, I've given the Vintage D demos on their HP Vintage D a go after your recommendation and I absolutely agree that they sounds excellent (not sure about the processing involved though).

My favorite piano since years is the QLP Boesendorfer, especially after the latest Play 4 update where a lot of background noises etc. were thankfully removed. It sounds perfect for me right out of the box. Love the ability to combine different player perspectives too.

But I am looking for a Steinway with a similar deep and soulful tone. I also like the interface the Vintage D provides, which contains lots of tweaking possibilities. I know this subject is highly personal but - if you are aware of the QLP Steinway - do you think the QLP and the Vintage D are in the same ballpark in regards to depth, soul and character or would you consider the Vintage D far superior? Thanks in advance.