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My memory is that they were working in Studio E, not C ,which was really a remix/spot studio with a small VO booth.
Someone was asking for a floor plan. Good luck. Studio A was a fairly traditional rectangular room with a drum area on a raised platform.
Studio E was quite different, octagonal in shape and all natural wood. E was the best sounding room I ever worked in.
A had a custom console built by Al MacPherson, C had a red and black MCI and E had a Harrison. All our speakers were Westlakes, which Al had designed, I believe.
Magical place. It was originally Bones Howe's studio and he made a lot of hits there.
Phil Brown.
That's right, it was E! It wasn't a very big room. I think the main room had a Harrison, one of my jobs was to take out every one of the faders and clean them.

I have a funny story about the console in E. I was one of two assistant techs and one day my shift was ending and the other tech was taking over. I was leaving and doing up a number and the other guy joined me, which I was not recommending as he was just starting his shift. So for some reason we went back inside and we were in studio E. He was showing me something on the console, not sure what button he pressed, but the monitors let out a screech that would have awaken the dead. Not sure what he did or how long it took him to figure it out, but I got the hell out of there fast.