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Old 30th October 2014
Hi guys,

We just posted audio examples of the HG-2 and are excited to share them!

If you want to skip the overly dramatic intro, skip to :54 seconds

You can also find them here on our site.... HG-2 — Black Box Analog Design

About the samples:

Audio tracks were run through the HG-2 and recorded back in at 96kHz. Both the processed and unprocessed tracks were then peak normalized (as whole files). The only exception to this is the "Enhancing anemic mix" sample which was recorded live (which is why you can hear slight clicks when hitting bypass). In this case, the peaks were matched using a peak meter during recording.

In regards to the Culture Vulture, we are definitely not surprised that we are hearing the comparison based on the description of the unit but it's actually not exactly our target and they work quite differently in practice. The CV is an awesome unit but really designed as a distortion box that found a niche on two track applications. We very specifically set out to design a solution for the mix bus that put all of the things we normally look for in one box. The HG-2 does extremely flat with only the subtle characteristics of running through transformers and tubes to full on saturation but also tonal shaping via the parallel saturation circuit, a tilt selector and the "air" boost. The "alt" tube button also gives another set of tones with a slightly different tube voicing and ability to put in whatever 12AX7 tube you want and switch back and forth instantly.

So many of us use multiple pieces of gear to get some harmonics, transformers in line, tonal shaping and saturation but most of the gear isn't specifically designed for it. Our goal was to create a unit that could be the only piece of analog gear in an otherwise ITB chain and have it deliver the "magic" we are after.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to try and answer them.