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What is you expectation of what you will get by recording to a VHS machine?

If you are hoping for the tape saturation and compression that was present in pro level 4,8,16 and 24 track machines it aint going to be there.

What you will get is something that sounds like a cassette tape. lo fi

If you record to a VHS Hi FI video machine (with adjustable inputs and meters) you will have the ability to record a stereo master with less noise and better fidelity than a cassette. No tape saturation, no tape compression however. VHS Hi Fi decks were the poor mans DAT back in the 4 track Porta Studio days
I am not expecting the subtle kind of saturation you'd find in pro equipment, since I have a couple plugins that achieve that sound pretty well. I know this is going to make some of the older guys on here cringe, but I'm actually trying to get a super lofi sound—super warm, exaggerated mids, warbly wow and flutter—which is why I chose vhs as my format, since it has lower quality audio than an audio cassette. I also like the super compressed, limiter-like sound you get when you make the audio clip (like what you'd hear on an 80's educational vid), but I'm not sure of how to go about achieving it. I have an audio interface, so maybe i could drive the audio with that...idk.

Generation loss can create some pretty cool sounds but it does tend to bring the noise level up a lot, so I don't know how far I should go with that. Here's an example: