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Originally Posted by Beat Instinct ➡️
Exactly, Those MOTU boxes spec well and for that price look like a great deal but MOTU have never been considered the "pro converter" guys. I have my doubts that they were able to pull off a box that competes with the symphony for less than half the price and specs alone shouldn't convince anyone.
If you hear these kind of claims it's better to at least go check out their website to actually have some idea of the product, rather than assume one way or another based on past lower priced offerings alone. That's equally true the other way around. If you did you'd see they're a higher build quality than anything they've ever done. Nobody here is talking about specs alone, as these boxes have been out since the summer. You can pass audio through its converters with less distortion than any unit below the Symphony and it's very comparable, for reasons I already mentioned regarding the similarities between them.


Has anyone here noticed this? Despite my feelings on the inherent flaws and the way it's implemented, the remaining null testing thread has the Symphony & 16A measuring nearly identical. Results this close are usually only seen when comparing two of the same unit:

Apogee Symphony I/O (Ajantis)
Corr Depth: 43.4 dB (L), 45.6 dB (R) Difference*: -51.2 dBFS (L), -50.1 dBFS dB (R)

MOTU 16A (davidbayles)
Corr Depth: 43.4 dB (L), 45.6 dB (R) Difference*: -51.1 dBFS (L), -50.1 dBFS (R)

I can't help but wonder if Motu engineers cracked open a Symphony and did some studying. I don't know of any other logical explanation as to how this would happen between two competing companies.