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That comparation was alredy made long time ago...the majority of people agreed that the conversion of the AD8000 sounds miles away better than the conversion in the digi192....owner of a HD2 system im not ashamed to state that these converters are just crap...even a much more cheaper Motu has a more decent conversion than the 192...or maybe you prefer to be skeptical stucked on that ...get both devices and do your A/B testing yourself...then tell us what you heard..

192s are not crap. Skeptical is actually the wrong word. You lost me at two separate takes. You came to a conclusion (sounds dull, not clear) but your test is flawed.

There is a difference in converters. It's very small when you operate them at standard levels. Many people would be surprised if they performed these tests properly, and in many cases without bias. Not saying you're biased.

I have done converter tests before. My LavryBlue converters used in the video below. Same take, split signal into converters, level match as much as possible. To establish credibility you could have multiple participants or make a video. I lost 35 pounds since that video. Damn I was huge.