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Old 17th October 2014
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Greg, when your studio "lights up" a vintage mic using a AC701 or VF14 tube, is the client's bill adjusted upward? If the mic was rented, does the client pay the entire rental fee? The vintage mics require constant checking of the heater and B plus voltages for best tube life. Every time one throws the switch on the power supply ON, there is some risk the mic is noisy or fails to work at all. At some point, the AC701 or the VF14 will fail; is any fractional billing built in to "build" a fund toward a replacement tube and labor? The 6072 tube in some of the AKG mics is becoming pricey for a good one.

Some clients won't protest because they know the vintage gear requires cash and TLC to keep it going, but others want the U47 with a bottom line rate when a SM57 or RE20 would do fine. Does an increased bill for a U47 provide incentive for a client to try something else (especially for clients who read about the U47 but never tried one)?