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Actually they was taken by the apogee and the other by the digidesign 192 like the day and night..the AD8000 sounds like i posted before much better and defined...i guess that it was alredy known through the community..even at the first sight oneself may realize their quality just for the fact of its construction..apogee with such large and nice meters and routing buttons..


¨A bad recorded song always will be a good song, a well recorded bad song will remains a bad song, a good song well recorded is just a hit¨
His point is you can't really tell from different takes, especially of an acoustic, as the way the player hits it varies too. You need to split the signal before the conversion and route the same take to both converters, then level match tightly after, as the converters won't be the same. Then it will tell more properly what's going on.

I suspect though from hearing that, that the conclusions are going to be the same.