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Strange. The Orph & Aurora are nothing alike. Aurora is so bland and less detailed. The Alphalink is dirtier than all of the above though. We have very different taste in converters. Did you take to Hilo at all? Lavry Black/Blue?
Haven't heard Hilo, and a while since I heard a Lavry Black, which is sweet but I need some channels in and out. Aurora has something in its sound that lends it a quality I like. Turns out Daft Punk and Mick Guzauski chose to make that last bland sounding record using them, too. Sounds terribly undetailed. And Orph also has something I like that sounds untoylike. The Motu is a bit toylike in sound.

I agree Alphalink is dirtier than all of them, hence I am on the move, but it still has a few attributes I prefer over the Motu. It moves air, for one. I am into emotions, not frequency puzzles.