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(most things don't sound "right" immediately), I'll swap to idea number two and rarely do I get to idea number 3. Part of how you get that confidence is trying lots of different gear in lots of different situations. I'm still working on that part but having as many mics, pres, comps, etc. as possible and then learning them so that you can make a quick decision and get to what matters (the performance and song itself) is ideal.
I have completely the opposite experience, almost everything not only sounds "right", it sounds great, right away - it's only when I begin second guessing and trying different combos I begin to muddy the waters ...

To be fair, I record many of the same sources - acoustic and electric guitars and amps, acoustic pianos, rhodes, synths, lots of different percussion and some vocals (I'm a film and tv composer), so I've learned a bit along the way about what works with what and what doesn't - I also have to admit to doing a lot of what Sam C does, which is use the same mic and amp on many different overdubs - and somehow managing to make it sound just great - and "different" from dub to dub ...