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It's a great thing to have more mics. NOW add THIS which is NEEDED:

1) Time to set them all up
2) Time to listen to all the tracks
3) A client willing to PAY and be PATIENT for all that extra time

In an ideal world, go for it! It sure is fun!

Practically speaking, at the end of the day, does it really add up to value for the client? Debatable. In the end the client decides with their money.

Most clients will be happier with one great mic and a lower bill.
I agree. I'm also with psycho_monkey in the sense that I run with whatever mic or chain seems like it will work or truthfully whatever is laying around in the moment and do my best to make that work. If it doesn't sound right, even after some tweaking (most things don't sound "right" immediately), I'll swap to idea number two and rarely do I get to idea number 3. Part of how you get that confidence is trying lots of different gear in lots of different situations. I'm still working on that part but having as many mics, pres, comps, etc. as possible and then learning them so that you can make a quick decision and get to what matters (the performance and song itself) is ideal. Though I don't think you can have too many tone palettes at your disposal, you can certainly tweak too much and try so many mics, et al that the idea dissipates or the client gets impatient. Been there and pretty over that...ticked off plenty of people and mostly myself chasing the perfection that doesn't exist outside of your head.