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I was at a BIG studio in Los Angeles over the weekend, and the producer for a new project set up probably 12 "very expensive" vintage and new mics to try on the lead singer. 3 tests, 4 mics each. There were close to $100,000 worth of mics set up! Gear DROOL! I don't remember them all but I'm pretty sure there was a vintage Neumann u47, vintage Telefunken Elam 251, Sony c800g, u67, u87, c414eb with original brass capsule, Blue Bottle mic, Manley Cardioid, Neumann m49b....!
No SM7b? That's just wrong. And how much did they charge you for "testing" out all their high end mics? I'm with Sharp11 on this one. Hope you had enough time and energy to finish the verse!