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Yet with all those mic's, they couldn't find the "right tone", which proves there is no "right tone" there are just different tones - which also means at some point one has to quit fooling around, choose a mic and get down to work.

IMO, the tools you have are the tools you use, too many options means too much futzing around.

By the time the track is finished, the vocal will probably have gone through many permutations of processing, from compression, to reverb, to auto-tuning - whatever "differences" that were too subtle to allow for a clear choice in the example test you provided, would likely be masked in the end.

I can see putting up three good vox mic's, but ten? Then there's the whole issue of preamps, ten mics and how many preamps gives you a ridiculous number of possibilities ...
Kinda. I'll generally put up the three that I think are likely to get me where I'm shooting for. But to do that I've already mentally discarded another half dozen.