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Old 14th October 2014
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Having 20 great mics --IS-- better than 1 great mic

I was at a BIG studio in Los Angeles over the weekend, and the producer for a new project set up probably 12 "very expensive" vintage and new mics to try on the lead singer. 3 tests, 4 mics each. There were close to $100,000 worth of mics set up! Gear DROOL! I don't remember them all but I'm pretty sure there was a vintage Neumann u47, vintage Telefunken Elam 251, Sony c800g, u67, u87, c414eb with original brass CK-12 capsule, Blue Bottle mic, Manley Cardioid, Neumann m49b. Well that's 9 of them for sure! And they ALL SOUNDED DIFFERENT. As we listened back to the vocal tests it wasn't that one was right and one was wrong it just made me think that my one u87ai in my home studio just couldn't offer the same possibilities for an artist to find the "right tone." I left thinking that more mics is better. Who was I fooling all these years? More IS better. If they all sound different, more means more possibilities and in the end, a better chance at finding the mic that works best for a given source. All the people that think they are better off with just one or 2 good mics simply can't afford more!