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If I were selling used tape I'd start with eBay and Gearslutz classifieds. I'd test the reels for stick/shed before listing them, and make sure there were no splices. If testing wasn't an option then I'd offer a money back guarantee.
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Old 2" tapes glue together with time... older Ampex 456 tape too.
And the tape head is full of glue remains, all is sticky and the machine stop...
which is not really nice.

Back the tapes carefully in the oven is an old trick !

Hope this helps!

Agreed on the guarantee. I wouldn't stick someone with worthless tape. And yes, I'm well experienced dealing with shedding tape, though much more frequently with 1/4" than 2". I found the 3M stock and the later Ampex and Quantegy 499 to be very hardy, while much of the Ampex 456 from the 80's was terrible. Baking is a great tool for doing a one-off to digital, but can't restore a disintegrating reel for re-use.

I do miss that great smell of a newly-opened box of 2", though! Ah, nostalgia...