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Old 10th October 2014
Here for the gear
E Instruments Session Piano is my favourite at the mo. Emo by Soundiron would be top if it weren't for the random noise in some of the samples. I would like to give this new product a go.

The problem i have had with Galaxy libs in the past is that whilst they sound nice and atmospheric on their own i have consistently found them difficult to place in a mix context, especially alongside an Orchestra. I don't make Pop so maybe they are more suited to that genre. I've always felt they don't sit far back in the Hall too well unless you process the hell out of them.

Im really hoping this Native Instruments relationship doesn't mean NI get a say in Galaxy's final sound though, Im wondering if its down to NI's post processing method, but to my ears they continually release thin harsh un-natural sounding libs.

I'd like to see Galaxy team up with someone like ilya efimov who in my opinion boss the Kontakt/realism scene.