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Old 11th June 2002
Hey Chris, thanks for your reply... now, let´s go off topic and talk about something we hate (gear!! ).
I´m starting my own studio, and I do need around 10 mic pres / 5 line ins at a time. Why? Most of the time, I record bands (rock bands), so think with me: drums (8-10ch), bass DI (thru a Meek VC6), POD, POD, scratch vocals and click. I can send the PODs and the VC6 directly into the converter... the scratch vocals... are scratch right? But the other mics... I need pres...
I have the Tascam board... you know what... the EQs are not very versatile, but are usable (lows and mids are semi-parametric and his are shelves...) and the mic pres are ok when I´m recording loud sources (like drums... hey... you know what I just realized? I don´t need no DDX3216...)
Yeah, beign around this forums... you know...