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Hi all,

I just found out about this thread regarding our newest pianos and thought I chime in So I'll try to clarify some of the questions above:

First of all, we're not exclusively "under the umbrella" of Native Instruments, but some of our ideas are appealing to them and that's why the collaboration makes sense for both of us. As soon as there's something that's not matching the NI portfolio plans, we'll still do it

Regarding the Vintage D: It is still available (and will be in the future) as it is a different piano and has no relation to the Definitve Piano Collection. The three new instruments have been created completely from scratch and are only available through Native Instruments.

Comparison to other GI Pianos (+ The Giant): We've used our Kontakt engine and even extended the dynamic range and sample amount, as well as including a resonance function and optional transient shaping (+ new presets). It's in no way a "dumbed down" version of our previous releases.

The instruments behind the names: For The Grandeur we've recorded a large and open sounding Steinway D, a totally different flavor compared to the Vintage D. The Maverick is sampled from an old Bechstein grand (1905) with lots of character and I find it to be very inspirational. If I press a single key, it instantly wants me to play with it for a while (but maybe that's just me). The Gentleman is based on an old Bechstein upright (1908) with all original parts and "special" grand-like mechanics, so lots of dynamics.

I hope I could answer your questions and if not, please let me know. If you have tried our new instruments, we're happy to hear how they feel and play for you guys.

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Thanks for the infos !

Will get these next month for my birthday.

That said, I hope you'll sample a FAZIOLI F308 in the near future .