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yes the sound reaching your ears is analogue, if you tickle Elmo you will hear him laugh, and yes this sound is analogue. at what? 4 bits? of course you can hear the encoding.
this point has been made a thousand times and it is still daft (no offence).
You're creating a strawman argument - yes, you can hear encoding up to a point, then higher resolutions make that moot, just as higher tape speeds mask analog tape deficiencies:

All recording mediums have low and high resolution mediums, analog tape ran at many different speeds, from 30 and 15 IPS at the high end, to 7½, 3¾, and 1 7/8 at the low. Of course you could hear the difference among those - just as you can hear the difference from high resolution digital to the lowest, in fact, many of us use 8 bit and lower resolutions as an effect, and quite like it.

Tickle me Elmo at 24/96 sounds great, annoyingly so, trust me

What's odd to me is while you deride digital as inferior, apparently you think it's ok enough to enclose your analog summing network - front and back - how can that be?

if you really think that the sound from a mixer is only in the make-up stage on the stereo bus, then no, you haven't listened. or it might be an ear thing well whatever.
It's not an "ear thing", it's a logic thing - since you can't hear those individual channels unless summed, you can't know what you're hearing until you hear the final summed output - and that output has been amplified and I assume, given a bit of "color". Before that stage, the audio is simply passing through 16 channels of passive resistors ... of which you have no aural access to so you can't know what it sounds like, all you can hear is the summed result.

As an aside, summing on professional analog consoles was never designed to create a "sound" - the lowest possible distortion and highest resolution was always the goal. It was the same with mic preamps and eq circuits - just clean and utilitarian - no one sat around and oohed and ahhed over "sheen" and "focus" ... and no one ever used an external mic pre or eq for different "flavors" - that's all marketing hype designed to get you to spend money.