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i'm not sure what you're really asking, running a whole mix trough a couple of channels is probably not what you want, you want tracks or stems summed through the mixer. it is such a no-brainer that analogue summng sounds better. we're talking voltages, as in physics, not code as in halfway understood maths!
All sound is analog, you don't hear digital math, it's nothing but an encoding and decoding scheme - the sound that reaches your ears is analog.

Any use of a summing mixer in the scenario you mention is still eventually "summed" in the digital domain, in fact, the final summed output is digitally encoded and decoded. The only thing that can happen in-between is some noise and distortion being introduced - not by the individual channels on the summing unit, but by the two channel makeup gain amplifier at the end of the analog summing chain.

If you have a problem with "math" somewhere in the signal chain, then the whole process needs to be analog - soup to nuts. Starting with tracking to tape, then making a tape master, then distributing and playing back the material at the consumer end with analog equipment.

That's how it was done when I grew up - in fact, i still have my turntable here with my vinyl records - those noisy disks with wow, flutter, ticks and pops and inferior dynamic range ...

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.