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The obsession with 'separation' in either mixer or 'multichannel recorder' is often carefully omitting the considerable crosstalk of even good multitrack tape machines. Desks were aiming to be at least 20dB 'better' than the multitracks of the time. When the digital multitracks appeared the mixer manufacturers had to 'up their game' as the digits did not crosstalk.
This unintentional crosstalk in both 'tape' and desk domains added significant alterations to the 'sound' and as the mix engineer was listening to the results, would be adjusting EQ and whatever with this 'imperfectly separated ' tracks.
If tyhere were a 'semirandom' crosstalk plugin for your DAW you would be better able to enjoy the wonders of 'tape' without the actual tape.
[Summing boxes essentially give you sixteen channels of passive resistors with which you feed 8 already digitally summed stereo stems which are then "summed" by an active two channel amplifier at the end of the chain.].
Surely you would be summing the separate tracks in your analog sum unit, not pre summed digital 'groups'?
Matt S