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Originally Posted by inversound ➡️
good post...well...i think that the importance of these discussions is that it gets artists to start thinking about the future...whether it's distopian or not, maybe as artists we are lacking a vision of the we have lost that vision....maybe we can start to think more into the future and create new ideas musically with know, as a theme, through the melodies, timbres, really be creative and manifest a vision of the future (again)....we have alot of new tools compared to the 70s....but I agree that some of the older tools are perfectly suitabl;e
Originally Posted by BM0 ➡️
You and I think alike. I too was once optimistic about the Internet back when I was the typical geek exploring this, then new, cyber world. I gained a great deal of knowledge that I otherwise probably would not have and I still do. Back then, I could never have predicted what Internet has become for the majority of its use. Data mining of people, Social media obsession, YouTube, opinion based "news", whatever it takes to get popularity...that whole thing. It is just not what I saw in the Internet. Not surprising that is how it turned how in retrospect. And yes, I also completely agree that technology/computers is so far advanced beyond the average people that use it, which is a dangerous thing. Highly intelligent people are behind these technologies, and when you have that type of power, you will have corruption.
I do not have such optimism about the future, at least right now. I do not see a terminator-like world in the future as it was in the film, but I can see robots become very prevalent one day and people becoming far too dependent on them which would be dangerous. Again, intelligent people are behind the software that run these technologies, and with that power. I personally don't trust one particular highly-intelligent Internet corporation that I'm sure I do not need to name.
My true feeling is that a "reset" will occur, before we see some futuristic utopian society. Something extremely catastrophic will occur setting civilization back decades or centuries for many years. This may either be natural or man caused.

Reviving this thread...

I thought I'd continue this line of thought with a fun song I created using a Korg MS2000 and a Prophet 12. Here is the Soundcloud link:

Do Not Dream of the Future