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Lexicon M300 1.x Software upgrade to 3.5/3.5L Larc

Hi there,
The M300 3.5L is the upgrade required (LARC) and can be purchased from Benden Tech Services in the UK. 3.5 will give you all the other Front Panel functionality. They (Benden Tech) even have an eBay link for those V1.x users wishing to upgrade the Eproms and Gal chip to Version 3.5 - 3.5L for Larc. You must ask for a Specific upgrade 3.5 for Algo's or 3.5L for Larc function.

All info is below including Pictures of EPROM Kit and Install Manual. You will enjoy the change from 1.x to 3.5 it's literally a new world of Algorithms from the 224/XL that went into version 4.x/4.1 of the 480L Mothership including many of the same Presets & Algo's alongside better stability, longer delay and Pitch-shifting and a 2nd Modulation section etc. PM if you require any other info or see my previous 300/M & 300L Posts including many on the 480L - Best of luck as I'm sure you'll enjoy the Upgrade & the improvements offered. Here is the link. It should explain all you require.

Lexicon 300 Reverb Effects V3 5 EPROM Gal Firmware Upgrade Kit | eBay

Lexicon 480L vs Lexicon 300L-lexicon-3.5-upgrade-eproms-gal-chip.jpg

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Lexicon 480L vs Lexicon 300L-lexicon-3.5-upgrade-eproms-gal-chip.jpg  

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