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I just got an I7 brand new a week ago. I'm still learning my way around it but so far it's pretty awesome.
I have tried selecting my MIDI controller port as the Input device for the editor track. I have selected INTEGRA-7 Ver.2 as the Output device but still nothing. If I play the MIDI controller the track input meters do not show any MIDI data. This only occurs with the editor. Without the editor it's okay.

What am I missing? Thanks!
If you used the ipad editor, reboot the integra because it seems to lock Sonar out.

I had a massive crash right after I bought Sonar and was computerless for a while screwing with all sorts of issues with it and am just getting back to it now. It is not fun.

The SWA videos on the Cakewalk site for $20 are worth it. Very very helpful overall but nothing integra specific.

Best of luck to us both.
( who prays often that Reaper gets VST3 implimentation soon)