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I just purchased an I7 brand new a week ago. I'm still learning my way around it but so far it's pretty awesome.

However... for the life of me I cannot get the V2 Editor to work in Sonar X3 (Which I am also still wrapping my head around). I'm sure it's something simple I've over looked. The Editor loads and the "Preview" button communicates with the Integra-7. However, when I try to play the I7 from my MIDI controller... nothing. The MIDI port my keyboard is connected to is selected as the input device for Integra Editor track. If I omit the Editor and simply select my MIDI keyboard as the input device and the regular INTEGRA-7 port as Output then there is no problem. I can play the I7 without problem.

Could one of you kind folks please walk me through how to get the V2 Editor configured in Sonar X3 with a MIDI controller? This is kind of embarrassing because it should be working (at least in my mind anyway).

As per the I7 V2 Editor installation PDF I have done the following:

1. On the I7 set the USB driver mode to "Vender".
2. In Sonar X3 go to Preferences, MIDI Device. INTEGRA-7 is selected for both MIDI In and MIDI Out. I have unselected INTEGRA-7 CTRL for MIDI In and Out.
3. Go to Insert -> Soft Synth -> VST3 -> INTEGRA-7 Editor Ver 2.0.
4. In the "Insert Soft Synth Options" dialog box select "Simple Instrument Track" and "Synth Property Page".
5. The editor track is created and the editor loads.
6. In the Editor window go to Utility -> Device. INTEGRA-7 CTRL is set for INPUT and OUTPUT device. That's where the instructions end but there is no sound.

I have tried selecting my MIDI controller port as the Input device for the editor track. I have selected INTEGRA-7 Ver.2 as the Output device but still nothing. If I play the MIDI controller the track input meters do not show any MIDI data. This only occurs with the editor. Without the editor it's okay.

What am I missing? Thanks!