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Old 27th September 2014
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I'm not %100 sure on the control 24, when mine died I got a replacement from Avid and because it was a known issue it wasn't that expensive. But I believe Skynet (really creepy name choice, hopefully they aren't working on AI in a back room) is the company that makes most/all the power supplies for avid. This is their site:

Skynet Electronic Co., Ltd.

They (at least used to) have a guy in cali who can test and recondition them as well, although if your PS was a rev 1 you are probably better off swapping to the newer switching one that avid was (is?) offering. It creates less heat and I think insufficient ventilation in there was the prob in the first place.

Fair warning it is a pain in the ass, they hotmelt glue all the molexes in there to make it extra difficult to remove them.