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Lightbulb Five components to a successful location recording & much more (The Beginners Guide)

1 - Pre Production:
Talk to band management
Band producer, if applicable
Band if possible
Venue people
Other production folk
Find out everyone's needs in advance

Survey location via:
In person and/or on the telephone
Email or faxes of stage plots, input lists, song lists, track & take sheets
Get information about all wireless (RF) frequencies so you don't have any train wrecks during the recorded performance

Make a location profile of:
The venue, hotel, food spots, fun spots, electronic/media stores, travel info & directions

2 - Park, Power & Electronic Set-Up:
Level the vehicle, install permits, etc.
Run feeder cable to power source (shore or generator)
Run snake mults, video & comm feeds to destinations
On stage set-up: splitter, subsnakes, mics, DI's, etc.
If necessary, place CCTV camera(s)
Place and adjust room microphones
Interface with all applicable factions like, film, video and/or radio production equipment

3 - Sound Check & Rehearsal

4 - Showtime (record show silly)

5 - Strike set and retreat:
Don't forget something and/or leave anything behind
Go home, to the hotel or to your next production venture