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Old 25th September 2014
I have,
[for below review is derived while correctly using this equipment...]

The Latte AD is more transparent than the Burl AD, as it does not have any input transformers, only a simple buffer amplifier,
to my ears the JCF AD converters sounds exactly like the input, while the burl imparts a subtle but colorful sheen to the source, similar to using a high quality mic preamp or a high quality tape recorder, etc

But the Latte AD for capture, I can not detect the console or other sources changing tone, or sound through this AD. Very pure and "correct". I tested the result through a number of DA, every time it never mattered what "clean" DA I used, I could not detect a difference.

Only when you listen to DA on the Latte is MUCH more colored, and you will detect a major difference. The Audio sounds like its coming from a master tape recorder. It has an extremely ear pleasing sound. It doesn't have "too much info" it has just the right amount of info, if you ask me. It is more pleasing because of what you are NOT hearing.

Anyway, the Burl DA sounds much more modern and in your face compared to the "golden old'y" sound of the JCF. The Latte's DMT section can do more things, [Mic/Digital/Tape Repro] so its worth the extra bucks compared to buying both AD/DA Bombers just for converters.