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Ah yes, one of my fave D'Angelo track

That "Hammond" sound sounds like it has quite alot of tasty spring reverb going on it... I reckon there's a resonant filter on there too, just like on the Wurly

That fast leslie sound is classic porn! heh

I agree re the wurly --- sounds filtered to me, with the attack shaved off.

And that filtered bass is so deeeep

There's also some gtr chords in there.

The whole thing is so understated... Love it!

PS this is all guesswork... Russell Elevado said this is a "no go" area, so you probably won't find out for sure..
I've been sitting here experimenting and I got something so close that I don't think it's a mystery to me anymore. I think the only reason it doesn't sound exactly the same is because I'm using software to replicate the sound. But it does sound extremely close to the original. Not trying to brag or anything, but I'm certain that I've figured out the Jonz in My Bonz sound.