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Doesn't the Burl give you a similar sound as the Latte?

I already have the Liquid pres so spending 2K more on a Latte vs the Burl B2 ADC/DAC may not be the best choice unless the Lattes converters and pres blow the Burl out of the water :D
The Latte A-D is not colouring, its very transparent ideal for mixdowns or tape transfers. Its actually conversion based on older technology and is clever in its make up., most ADC's use sigma delta conversion.. this has benefits and also drawbacks., the Latte I believe uses whats called SAR conversion which also has benefits and drawbacks, the main difference in this design is the nyquist filtering is not done with DSP on board the conversion chip (which most probably has an effect on sound ), here that filtering is done with a quality analog circuit instead. The Latte at 192Khz is actually 18 bit conversion for whatever reason, all I know is it sounds pretty much exactly like what you put in. Its stunning when you hit play and none of your mixes livelyness is gone, its very deep and natural. basically it sounds like there is no conversion/computer involved. The DAC however does have a slight sound, but it is lovely!