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coming from a LS56 i doubt that 5000 $ are spent best on new converters. I guess that the rest go your chain could use some improvement first. Just a guess.
So you're saying that my LS 56 converters would not be what you'd upgrade first correct?

What would it be then? Lunch Box 500 series and a few pres?

The "acid test" would be get the Hilo or Burls and AB it with the LS 56.

My guess is that my LS 56 is "good" but the Hilo, Burl, Forssell, etc., would be even more clarity. Don't know. So far I have a good sound going with the LS 56.

I've also heard other peoples mixes using the Burl that sounded like crap to me! It's snot the Burls fought... it's the guy mixing!

Like my dad used to say, "A Poor Workman Blames His Tools!"

If you know what you are doing and you know how to mix then of course, the better converters will give you that much more!