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Hmmmm. No other way to listen to a sound? I suppose I understand your point, but I've been listening to "raw" recorded sounds most every day for almost 25 years and very little of it has been anywhere near a computer, until this past year.

I meant "computer" in rather broader term - simply anything that enables you to listen to the recorded sound through some box (= speaker) - whether it is a computer, CD player, tape machine or whatever, it does not matter at all. But those boxes (or headphones) are the ONLY way how you can finally listen to the recorded sound, whether you have the microphone in your hand or not.

So if someone records something and gives the soundfile to someone else, the other person hears exactly the same thing (within the sound systems differences, of course).

Absolutely for sure - there is nothing like trying a microphone (preamp etc.) personally. But if it is not possible, listening to someone´s else soundfiles is still 10 times better and more illustrative than reading about it and 100 times better than nothing.

Not everywhere it is that easy to try various gear and microphones. Being able at least to listen how someone else recorded through that gear is quite valuable in such case and can give you some picture (however limited it is).