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At $5k you'll only get into the Prism interfaces, which to me have mastering level conversion. If you can get a used ADA-8XR that would be great, but not sure you'll find one for $5k. Maybe. So many options though. One idea is the MADA, which is a great mastering grade AD/DA option. Lynx Hilo is another amazing option that is mastering quality conversion. It also has crazy routing options, so for $5k you could grab a Hilo and have separate AD, DA, and monitoring DA. Also has digital inputs so you could grab a Mytek AD or even a Burl AD and connect to the Hilo using AES. All for UNDER $5k. Then you have an alternative AD if you want something different from the Hilo for different projects. For instance you could grab a Hilo and a Burl B2 AD so use Hilo when you want transparent, or use the B2 when you want to insert some transformers into the signal. People are really territorial about converters though. There are people who are religious about certain converters and only endorse certain companies based on their experience in their rooms with their monitors and their material. Their opinions are based on subjective listening tests and some on technical loopback tests. Man it really depends on what you want. I actually think with $5k you can get into so many great options and make great masters. That's just me though.