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Leaving apart this particular comparison and any subjective differences in commenting (any) sound samples - I would really like to know how else could you listen to any recording than on "a computer" ?? (= some speakers connected to it or in rare cases connected to some tape machine).

Even if you have a microphone in your own hands - again, there is no other way to listen to a recorded sound than "on a computer" (= speakers). Microphone itself will not play any recorded sound at all.

Having a microphone in oneĀ“s own hands has an advantage of more flexible/multiple recordings. But if you do not have that option, by listening to recordings of others you hear nothing different from what they hear, so I think it is still quite valuable.
Hmmmm. No other way to listen to a sound? I suppose I understand your point, but I've been listening to "raw" recorded sounds most every day for almost 25 years and very little of it has been anywhere near a computer, until this past year. I always want these comparisons to be valuable, and as much as I appreciate others sharing stuff (sound clips, techniques, opinions, etc.), I am reminded with almost every new thread/post as to how differently we hear things, "process" what we hear, use the same tools to achieve very different results, and so forth. Pretty fascinating. More on topic, a stock 87ai does get nastier as it is pushed. I hope to some day have Innertube guts for some of my 87s and 87ais.