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Putting on my mastering guy hat, or 'print the entire mix' hat for a minute -- Burl, Mytek (specifically the 8x192 or their DSD DAC 192), and Metric Halo (LIO-8 or ULN-8) would be my picks in this price range.

Don't let the fact that the Mytek and Metric Halo are multi channel, they are every bit heavy weight contenders in their class (and are actually underpriced IMO per channel for the quality they provide). The Burl ADC is the most colored, can get pretty round and soft compared to the Metric Halo which is VERY 'neutral and clean'. The Mytek leans more towards the clean side of things in general, but I would say it adds a little touch of 'better than real life'/beautiful vibe to the signal.

Don't forget, unless you are completely digital with processing for mastering or 2 bus processing (not likely), then you'll need 2 DACS (4 channels), and a stereo ADC which makes an 8 channel unit like the Mytek 8 x 192 or Metric Halo LIO - 8 more attractive.